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  • Nekupe is Nicaragua’s first luxury mountain resort – an intimate all-inclusive property, with only 4 villas and one grand Residencia, located on a 2,400-acre nature reserve overlooking Mombacho Volcano. A seamless confluence of sustainable nature-based design with Feng Shui influences, rich Nicaraguan culture and warm hospitality. Nekupe offers an incredible array of programming and six staff to every guest, including a personal ranger as nature guide, the resort nurtures exploration, adventure and wellbeing.

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As the concept of the resort is based on active wellbeing and a profound immersion into the beauty of nature, The Seventh Art delved into t​​he flora and fauna of the area, and chose to focus on the morpho butterfly – a stunning creature with vivid colors and shiny wings that reflect light. As this unique species inspired advances in technology, it inspired us to create a concept centered around different perspectives, seeing things differently, in a new light.

The brand architecture and identity manifest visually a modern and bright system that leverages the vibrant colors, patterns, and evolving features of the morpho butterfly. The branding reflects the core brand value of environmental and social responsibility, as the resort was built and designed by Nicaraguan philanthropist Don Alfredo Jr. and his wife Dona Theresa Pellas.

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