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  • The Brooklyn Grove is a vibrant ground-up residential property, in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, on bustling Nevins Street. With exteriors and interiors designed by ODA, mid-century beauty mingles with Scandinavian simplicity to create a strong statement, and a feeling of connection and vibrancy.

  • Brand vision
    Brand architecture
    Brand narrative
    Brand identity
    Art direction
    Social media strategy

  • Print and digital collateral
    Photography and film
    CGIs and animation
    Digital design and development
    Immersive brand journey and sales gallery design

The Seventh Art created a comprehensive brand strategy and identity, including naming for this iconic Brooklyn beacon. The brand collateral, including branded brochure, brand bag and other print and digital deliverables, reflects the environment, the materiality and the energy of the project, and the neighborhood. There is a subtle balance between organic materials and lush textures, which mirrors the building’s sense of character.

Sound On Sound Off

The brand identity embodies the distinct architectural features of the project, such as the layers of wood slats that suggest new boundaries and capture a sense of territory. The brand collateral incorporates the gritty appeal of Brooklyn with understated eastern aesthetics, with a color palette that builds off an organic alchemy of reclaimed woods, distinctive stones and burnished metals.