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  • Claridge Properties is a leading real estate development firm, committed to excellence, diversity and impact. Based in Los Angeles, it was founded in Brooklyn, in 1999, by renowned developer Ricardo Pagan. Guided by Ricardo’s vision and acumen, the firm scaled to the heights of the real estate industry to become one of the country’s most forward-thinking and respected firms.

  • Brand vision
    Brand architecture
    Brand narrative
    Brand identity
    Art direction
    Social media strategy

  • Print and digital collateral
    Photography and film
    CGIs and animation
    Digital design and development
    Immersive brand journey and sales gallery design

The brand identity reflects Pagan’s commitment to excellence, diversity and impact, with bold lines, elegant colors and design elements that mirror not only the heights of the firm’s real estate projects but also its rise to success.

Sound On Sound Off

Claridge Properties’ portfolio of exciting large-scale mixed-use projects in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix continues to impress, year after year. The brand positioning builds on the powerful vision of its founder, linking humble origins with an ambitious future, in a brand essence that is daring, forward-reaching and multi-faceted.