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  • Monogram New York, by Anthology Group, is a collection of exquisitely designed condominium residences, inspired by classic New York City glamor, yet with a fresh and modern vision. Created to be resolutely relevant, crafted as a one-of-a-kind experience, and designed to revolve around personal needs. Monogram’s design, by Ismael Leyva Architects and Neri&Hu studio, blends functional sensibility with nature-infused contextual touches.

    Branding by Seventh Art
    Interiors by Neri and Hu
    Rendering by Recent Spaces
    Sales and Marketing by Core

  • Brand vision
    Brand architecture
    Brand narrative
    Brand identity
    Art direction

  • Print and digital collateral
    Photography and film
    Digital design and development
    Immersive brand journey and sales gallery design

The Seventh Art created a full set of branding deliverables that represent the uniquely luxurious approach of the brand, the innovative vision of the developers behind the brand, as well as the building’s inspiring exterior and interior design. Intersecting with the ingenuity of the architecture, the branding is sleek, streamlined and symmetrical. It
incorporates clean, vertical lines, mimicking the building’s tonal patterns, and reflecting subtle details inspired by the Art Deco period.

Sound On Sound Off

As the building marries Art Deco and Modernism, to produce a sentiment that definitely evokes the future, The Seventh Art created brand collateral that showcases the fusion of artistry and ingenuity, beauty and function, geometric patterns and luxurious materials – all with a distinct touch of glamor. The collateral emphasizes high contrast and dramatic spaces, the best of amenities, services, location and innovative residences where life stories are played out in luxury, comfort and tranquility.