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  • Rechler Equity Partners is a developer with a longstanding history of creating quality properties in Long Island. The company draws on more than 60 years of knowledge and three generations of core values to create unique work environments and business solutions for many of Long Island’s largest and most successful industrial and commercial tenants.

  • Brand Strategy
    Art Direction
    Brand Identity

  • Sales Office Design
    Brand Collateral
    Brand Guidlines

As long-time collaborators with Rechler Equity Partners on many projects, The Seventh Art was tasked with rebranding the company in a way that would showcase its innovative and progressive approach without compromising its distinguished history of creating outstanding quality as well as profound passion for community building in Long Island.

The brand identity we created is modern and exciting, creative and people-centered, while at the same time exuding integrity, efficiency, and confidence. The brand system is fluid, with the intent of being flexible and enduring, able to scale with the company in the future.