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  • Strata Wynwood embodies the new Miami chic for residents who exude a distinctive creative energy. Located on North Miami Avenue, this modern development with multi-functional spaces is designed for inspired everyday life. A new home for culture, comfort, community.

  • Brand vision
    Brand architecture
    Brand narrative
    Brand identity
    Art direction
    Social media strategy

  • Print and digital collateral
    Photography and film
    CGIs and animation
    Digital design and development
    Immersive brand journey and sales gallery design

The Seventh Art created vibrant branding that captures the diversity and depth of colors and energies, the bright Miami aesthetic of Strata Wynwood, with brilliant natural light and modern details.

The brand identity reflects the eclectic vibrant layers of chic Miami living, its dynamic energy, and upbeat communities, positioning the Strata Winwood as a bright and beautiful urban playground amidst Miami’s colorful and ever-evolving Arts District.