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  • The Office of Design and Architecture, founded in 2007 by architect Eran Chen, is an award-winning architecture firm, seeking to reconcile the conditions of vertical urban living with quality of life. They are renowned for delivering imaginative and mold-breaking designs, challenging conventional perspectives and creating a more equitable future through good design.

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The Seventh Art was tasked with creating branding that would match ODA’s innovative work and inclusive approach. We envisioned a brand that is contemporary and progressive as well as refined. The brand strategy and positioning created a strong link between the roots of the company, its present achievements, and its goals for the future.

The brand identity reflects the aesthetic language of ODA. As such it is an ode to architecture – its lines, shapes, forms and beauty. The branding embodies the New York roots of the company, its endeavor to reimagine landscapes and create elegant connections in urban environments. It conveys compositional balance, boldness and innovation, as well as collaboration.