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  • Be distinctive and unforgettable

  • Immerse the audience in unique experiences

  • Generate sales and increase value

  • Stay relevant and evolve

  • Brand vision

    A full immersion into the project, to develop a powerful guiding vision that fuses the client’s demands with those of the target audience and market. Includes a full marketing analysis and project audit, to define the strengths and USPs of the project.

  • Brand architecture

    Based on the project audit and brand vision we develop a comprehensive brand positioning and strategy that establishes brand essence, personality, tone of voice and naming – an astute foundation for all brand deliverables that follow. The brand architecture allows us to control all aspects of the brand and its outputs, bringing all elements together to create a wonderful brand symphony, as a conductor guiding an orchestra.

  • Brand Narrative

    An inspiring brand story that expands on the brand strategy, embodying its tone of voice, to define key messaging, impactful taglines, and memorable campaign messaging – a consistent and inspiring narrative about the brand, throughout all touch points and project deliverables.

  • Brand identity

    A stunning visual translation of the brand strategy, which includes word and brand mark, typography, color palette, image and photography style, and branding collateral applications.

  • Brand hierarchy

    Creating strategic tiering for sub-brands and the parent brand, to achieve both coherence and differentiation in a family of brands and their variations, particularly relevant for large scale, mixed-use projects, masterplans, and new destinations.

  • Art direction

    A seamless execution of the brand strategy and identity, through creating the aesthetics of the projects and controlling all its artistic aspects and details – from articulating the brand vision, determining which artistic elements to use, and following the project through the phases of production, edits and final execution.

  • Print and digital collateral

    A wide range of print and digital deliverables, such as brandbook, brochure, fact sheet, ads, floorplans, maps and plans, and everything else that the project requires. Produced in collaboration with premiere print houses and digital partners, to bring to life the brand through tangible collateral.

  • Social media campaigns

    Applying unique insight to deliver social marketing solutions that contribute to project visibility, target reach, and message distribution, in a unified and impactful way.

  • Photography and film

    From beautiful photoshoots to emotive mood videos and brand films, we create brand collateral that convey the look and feel of the brand, convey emotions, and embody a certain style and lifestyle, connecting directly with the target audience.

  • Immersive reality [VR, AR], CGIs and animation

    At the forefront of the latest and most innovative marketing technology, The Seventh Art utilizes cutting edge technology applications and platforms to create experiences that resonate, involve and inspire, bringing different aspects of the project to life.

  • Digital design and development

    Custom design and development of websites that deliver not just facts and information about the project, but create experiences that portray the brand in a comprehensive and compelling way.

  • Immersive brand journey

    Branding for all the senses to create a sophisticated sales experience and dynamic customer journey, making spaces come alive through a unique fusion of innovative design and cutting-edge technology. With extensive experience in creating more than 30 sales environments, The Seventh Art’s immersive brand journeys and strategic execution of the brand story amplify the sales’ teams effectiveness, increasing value and revenue, as well as price per square foot.

  • Development consultation

    With its strong background in architecture and real estate, as well as extensive experience in urban planning and design, The Seventh Art contributes unique insights, recommendations and directions, at various stages of the project, to ensure, amongst others, architectural and interior design consistency, coherence between design and branding, as well as design and target audience in the real estate industry.

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