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  • The Monitor is a charming boutique hotel in Brooklyn’s reinvented and revitalized Greenpoint neighborhood, with contemporary re-imaginings of residential, commercial and retail space along the East River. The name of the project comes from one of Greenpoint’s most notable historical features – the USS Monitor, the US Navy’s first iron-hulled warship, pivotal during the Civil War and for American naval strategy.

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    Brand Identity

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Fascinated by the industrious, multi-cultural history of Greenpoint, The Seventh Art did extensive research for the brand positioning and strategy. We created a unique homage to Greenpoint as a vibrant hub for the engineering company Continental Iron Works, the shipbuilding and many other industries in the 19th century, as well as a unique melting pot for cultures and communities.

The project is guided by Greenpoint’s spirit of innovation, hence The Seventh Art leveraged the beauty of revitalizing historic districts and post-industrial neighborhoods. We used the nautical aesthetic of the waterfront when creating the brand identity and brand collateral, fusing elements of creative expression and historic lifestyle with industrial forms.