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  • Situated on the vibrant South Williamsburg waterfront, Oosten is a premium condominium development in one of Brooklyn’s most exciting neighborhoods. The project is based on The Seventh Art’s inspired brand vision. The agency had a hand in shaping the development from start to finish, which included suggesting celebrated Dutch designer Piet Boon for the interior design, working on the plan layout with the sales team, and contributing to the building designs.

  • Brand vision
    Brand architecture
    Brand narrative
    Brand identity
    Art direction
    Social media strategy

  • Print and digital collateral
    Photography and film
    CGIs and animation
    Digital design and development
    Immersive brand journey and sales gallery design
    Development and architecture consulting

Sound On Sound Off

Working based on a clearly defined brand vision as a strong framework for the project, all elements were seamlessly incorporated through a highly collaborative process. Using Piet Boon’s Dutch heritage and culturally-inspired design style as a driving inspiration, the brand, including naming, reflects functionality and simplicity interwoven with the subtleties of Dutch culture. Details of daily life in urban Brooklyn are carefully integrated into a vibrant design that accentuates connection and a strong neighborhood identity.

A key objective for Oosten was to enrich the lives of its residents, through thoughtful amenities and communal spaces, facilitating the diversity and synergy of the community. That’s why The Seventh Art produced ‘Burgh’ – a free magazine featuring original content about the neighborhood and its offerings. This unique brand collateral not only increased the profile of the building, but most significantly helped integrate Oosten into the fabric of Williamsburg.