The Monitor Hotel


Formerly known as the Greenpoint Terminal Market complex, the Monitor Hotel is situated near the Greenpoint waterfront and close to a ship-building site similar to the one that erected The USS Monitor, an iron-hulled steamship commissioned by the Union Navy during the Civil War. The USS Monitor was built in only 101 days, and presented a new concept in ship design, employing a variety of new inventions and innovations in ship building that caught the attention of the world. Similarly, the innovations inside the Monitor Hotel will garner the attention of those who recognize good design in all forms, taking elements from the past and transforming them into something new for today.

With the Monitor Hotel, we seek to create a location that becomes a destination and a terminus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Monitor Hotel will transform an existing industrial building by revealing and celebrating what is beautiful about its original structure while adding in new and dynamic elements. The hotel’s industrial identity – a reference to The USS Monitor, an iron-hulled steamship built in Greenpoint during the Civil War – will be reflected in every aspect of the hotel, from design and architecture to service and attitude.

The logo design and hand-drawn illustration created for THE MONITOR HOTEL reflect a nostalgic moment, referencing the past and celebrating the history of Greenpoint. The addition of an illustrative branding system facilitates and enforces the brand throughout the hotel.

Brand strategy, naming, logo design, signage, interior design concept development, brand collateral