Bushwick, New York

Location: 123 Melrose, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Client: All Year Management

Situated on the former site of Brooklyn’s Rheingold Brewery the project will generate 1,000,000 square feet of apartment units in Bushwick, 20% of which will be affordable. The project will host a multitude of communal spaces open to the neighborhood, while a 17,850 square foot public park will bisect the development creating a green promenade and two 400 feet by 200 feet blocks. These masses are further perforated by a sequence of meandering, interconnected courtyards which ultimately lead to the promenade. The Rheingold Brewery site aims to become an integral part of the neighborhood by creating a highly porous architecture where the community can find a platform for activity and interaction. With meandering, interconnected courtyards, a bisecting green promenade, and communal activities, 123 Melrose will be a veritable city within the city.

The XY naming system for DENIZEN reflects the building design and structure. It is also a reference to the intergenerational, diverse and inclusive nature of the building.